Natsu no Arashi #2-8

Posted by DiGiKerot in Natsu no Arashi at November 22, 2009 on 8:15 pm

As a Brit, I can only approve of his choice of take-out. Alas, it’s a shame that he’s relying the order to Yayoi, isn’t it?

Anyway, this week on Natsu no Arashi, it’s really, really hot, and Arashi starts to freak out as a result. Unfortunately, they’re unable to locate the remote for the air conditioner, though they do find a whole bunch of rather more peculiar ones. Including one which leads a cave underneath the cafe…

Natsu no Arashi #2-7

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This week, in the process of trying to locate a valuable tea-cup she’s misplaced, Master discovers that she can connect with Yayoi and travel back in time. Given that’s she’s repeatedly failed to grasp the concepts behind the show’s particular take on time travel, could this lead to anything other than terrifying results?

Actually, the interesting thing about this episode is that we never actually see the aforementioned terrifying results, rather we only hear the characters talking about it post-fact. As Master recklessly time-travels to the same time period over and over again, forcing the others to do the same, everyone starts to get more and more confused about the timeline as things start to increasingly overlap, and the Master still fails to get it.

Other than that, it certainly was an episode of Natsu no Arashi, in so much as there’s not really anything to talk about beyond what there would be for any other episode.

Natsu no Arashi #2-6

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Another episode I was bit lukewarm on this week, if I’m to be honest. I’m not entirely sure it’s the shows fault this time.

It’s still summer (d’uh), and as a result Master decides that it’d be a good idea to have Cold Noodles. Problem is that Arashi remembers a very particular tasting batch of noodles from when she was younger, and Master decides it’d be a good idea to try and replicate them even though no-one has the slightest idea where to start.

I’ll admit from the offset here that there’s a few cultural nuances to this episode which went straight over my head, and that probably didn’t really help (Honestly, I’ve no real concept of what Cold Noodles actually constitutesm which probably counts are tripping at the first hurdle), but I do think whoever translated this for Crunchyroll dropped the ball a little here. I know a lot of people complain if something isn’t entirely accurate to the Japanese, but if you are going to repeatedly make reference to a pun (in this case, they’re punning “Hiyashi Chuka” (Cold Noodles) with “Arashi Chuka”) either make sure you translate it in a fashion that makes sense in English, or pop up a translation note or something. Whilst I appreciate that these things are never funny if you need to have them explain, it’s still better than making the viewer feel like they’re missing out on the joke.

But the main annoyance, along the same lines, was the complete and utter lack of sign subtitles throughout the episode. It just gets annoying when they keep flashing text right across the centre of the screen. I mean, I’m sure most of that text wasn’t funny in the slightest, but, again, it just makes me think that I’m missing something, and I’m really not inclined to keep pausing the thing just to verify that. Ultimately, I think I just got too annoyed watching this episode to give it a fair chance ^^;

Still, this was quite possibly an issue with previous episodes of the show, but I’m just too dense to have noticed previously. I don’t really want to be too harsh towards Crunchy regarding this – most of their releases come across as fine, like Miracle Train, and I can’t honestly remember having an issue with Arashi in the past. It just seemed unusually sloppy this week.

This weird “i” popped up at the end of sentences on the subtitles on a couple of occasions as well, for some strange reason.

Natsu no Arashi #2-5

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Well, it wasn’t another episode about Hajime being too dense to figure out Jun’s a girl at least, but it was curiously a little flat. I think it’s because much of this episode came across as excessive bullying rather than being particularly humorous, as they spent the whole episode iterating on a joke that was only funny the first time.

The general gist of the episode is that, due to a random alignment of planetary bodies, whenever Kanako put on a pair of glasses, she’d randomly transform into a magical girl. So far, so good – except rather than run with magical girl jokes, they ran with repeated attempts to put glasses on the poor girl, which kind of wasn’t really all that amusing.

Natsu no Arashi #2-4

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Eureka Seven injoke – plus 10 points, particularly given it requires knowing that the VA’s for Hajime and Kaya were Renton and Eureka respectively in the aforementioned show.

I’m about done with the whole “Hajime’s too dense to figure out Jun’s a girl” thing right now, though. I don’t expect that we’ll get a conclusion to that particular plot thread any time soon, but I don’t really want it to become the overwhelming comedic crutch that this particular season leans on.