Wake Up Girls Zoo is the Most Real Cartoon

Posted by DiGiKerot in Wake Up Girls! at January 28, 2015 on 1:49 pm

At least, the WUG Wrestling Championship seems to be more real than the WWE is this week.

This is mostly just a reminder post as to the fact that Wake Up Girls Zoo continues to exist as a biweekly gag anime, mostly because outside of my hardcore WUGner acquaintances, I don’t really see much talk about it. It’s actually pretty good way to waste three minutes.

This post is largely prompted by the fact that I totally busted a gut this week when, as MayuC and Yoppi face off in the wrestling ring, their smack talk got a little too real. I mentioned this back when they revealed Yoppi’s radical new haircut for the upcoming second movie, but complaints about confusing MayuC and Yoppi were a very real thing whilst WUG was running, so there’s probably something to be said about the blunt honesty of them actually admitting this (and the real reason for Yoppi’s freshly-sheared mop in the process).

Also, the episode seven talk about animation techniques was hella amusing too.

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