iM@S 2 Second Promo

Posted by DiGiKerot in Gaming, idolmaster at August 7, 2010 on 4:16 pm

For those who failed to notice, Bamco posted the second iM@S2 promo video on Youtube yesterday. I have to stress that there’s nothing particularly new to this – it’s not only still the same song as the first promo (and given how often Go My Way was used in the lead-up to the 360 games release, you’d better get used to it), but I’m actually pretty sure that this is just the video that they played on the second day of last months iDOLM@STER event. Certainly, I’d seen off-screen camera shots of what appears to be the content of this video on a couple of Japanese gaming news sites a month ago.

Still, it does show off the games five-member units. I notice that, should you discount the extra couple of people, there’s still a few differences in the dance that the three remaining girls would be performing when compared to the first promo. Based upon that, it looks like the dances may scale to the member count better than they did in the first game, and given there looks to be contact and more dancing around each-other this time around, that can only be a good thing.

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