Mikan Watch #59: Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at December 18, 2011 on 7:41 pm

This is just me following up on something I mentioned when I saw it theatrically a little under a couple of months back, although this isn’t something that came in the same package as iM@S which I got yesterday, rather being something I’ve just procrastinated posting about.

Here’s another one… well, actually, another two, though one of them is somewhat obscured.

Seeing if for a second time, I’m still not entirely clear where I am on this film. For the most part, I kind of think better of the film – if nothing else, it felt better paced upon rewatch – but most of the issues I had on first watch still stand. There’s a lot about the movies construction that still bugs me – short of the very climax of the film, most the sense of peril feels entirely contrived, thrown in there just to ensure that the movie actually feels like it was going somewhere. With a little rearrangement of elements that the movie already possessed, I kind of feel it’d have been entirely unnecessary.

(As a side note, I’m I supposed to think that Asunas father was from Agartha, or am I reading too much into things?)

Oh, I did buy the LE version (for a film I was only lukewarm on – I really don’t understand myself sometimes), which meant that, yes, as with most movies these days, I got a film clipping with it. This time around it was this –

To save you squinting to try and make it out, it’s this scene from about half-way through the movie –

Honestly, I’ve got no concept of what would actually constitute a desirable film clipping from this movie – I want to say that this was probably a rare example of a film where people would be more likely to want background shots than characters, with an elaborate cloudscape being the most highly sought-after. But that’s just me playing up to the jokey Shinkai stereotype, so probably not.

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