Mikan Watch #61: Listen To Me Girls, I Am Your Father!

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at February 16, 2012 on 10:16 pm

From Listen To Me Girls, I Am Your Father!, or PapaKiki as those who don’t want to type long titles (or wish to disguise how embarrassingly titled the show they’re watching is) are fond of calling it. This was a submission from Mr. Shillito over the Twitters – I have to admit, I’ve not so much as braved an episode of the show myself. The concept briefing and the Haruhi-design mimicry that the promotional art displayed, along with the shows title, set enough alarm bells off in my head that avoidance seemed the only sensible course of action. As such, I’ve no idea which episode this was from. I’d have to presume it’s the most recent one (Episode 6, was it?).

So, yeah, this isn’t exactly an interesting post, because I’ve got absolutely nothing to say about the show in question. Absolutely nothing at all. Sorry.

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