Mikan Watch #63: Milky Holmes 2

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at February 27, 2012 on 2:16 pm

From Episode 8 of Milky Holmes, which went up on NicoNico yesterday, though I admit I blatantly stole this screen grab from elsewhere. I mean, aside from the big NicoNico watermark that you’d otherwise be inflicted with, I’m presently on a train and I’ve not got enough 3G bandwidth left to stream the episode back down again merely for the sake of taking a picture.

Anyway, it’s being used as a desk, which is a not-uncommon use for such a thing in anime.

Speaking of Milky Holmes, kind of, I was at Hyper Japan over the weekend, where Natsuko Aso was performing. Cute. Good fun. Japanese fans are pretty terrifying in their enthusiasm (and their ability to memorised goofy shouts and hand movements). Well, I suppose the fact that some of them made their way all the way over to England to follow their idol of choice says a lot about their enthusiasm in itself.

I also got my copy of the Milky Holmes 2 ED single signed, though in retrospect it appears that poor Nachan was so jet lagged that she got the date completely wrong. Awwws.

(Please ignore what definitely isn’t a Rio figure…)

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