Mikan Watch #65: Rock Lee and his Ninja Buddies

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at May 2, 2012 on 6:49 pm

From the first episode of the Rock Lee centric Naruto spin-off comes this example, submitted King Author. Not that this show wasn’t on my checklist for the season anyway, but obviously he got there before me by a good few hours. Then I sat on posting this for a month. Yay for procrastination, I guess.

I can’t really say I have anything in particular to say about the show, which is becoming all too common in these posts – in this case, it’s because I’ve only watched the first episode, and given that was four weeks ago now I can no longer remember any particular reaction I had to the show (which I suppose is reflective on the show itself, in a sense). There are plenty of higher priority things to be watching, and between that, excursions, internet outages and other recent timesinks, it’s not really been something I’ve been in a hurry to watch more of. I’ve not seen mainline Naruto in years either (I’ve not seen, nor read, any of Shippuden), so there’s also the concern that most of the humour, or at least the more injokey elements, would fly way over my head.

(The iM@S news for the day, lest people worry I’m slipping in that regard, is the announcement of the second character for the second series of the Cinderella Girls CDs, which I don’t really have any specific comment on either. I’m quite sure that, as a series, the upcoming regular churn of these CDs exist purely to dissuade those who may be tempted to divert their towards playing iMac. Or perhaps not).

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