I Need To Watch What I Write About…

Posted by DiGiKerot in Free Talk, Gaming, idolmaster at June 23, 2012 on 8:49 am

Previously, in the last instalment of Beta-Waffle…

I’ll get around to it one day (probably when they do a 3DS redesign, that being a convenient way to justify to myself buying a Japanese 3DS)

Then, the very next day, Nintendo goes and announces a new 3DS variant with a significantly larger screen. This is leaving me feeling a little like a politer but considerably less attractive Suzumiya Haruhi. Still, I suppose I’m going to have to be true to my word and actually get around to playing Dearly Stars sometime soon.

In other related news, the first details of the new set of PSP games Shiny Festa came out a few days ago. I’m not going to write about it to any length at this specific point, as the first of the iM@S 7th Anniversary live shows is going on as I type this. Those events are going to mark the first showings of the promotional videos for the games (which probably goes someway to explaining why they’ve been so aggressive with the whole “live viewing” thing – they’re live-streaming the event to a number of cinemas all over Japan), so both those videos and the website for the game will likely go live over the next couple of days, providing additional details as to what it actually entails.

Still, I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to be doing about the games, in a similar fashion to the whole DS/Dearly Stars situation. My PSP is old – first generation PSP old. So old that I had to mod the D-Pad as many of the original model PSPs shipped with pretty much broken, unresponsive D-Pads. I should probably replace it. I mean, I’ve got a Vita, but that’s rigged to my European PSN account, and I use it to play the PSP stuff I never got around to buying on UMD (it’s full of Falcom, Atlus and NIS games). The problem with wanting to play Shiny Festa on Vita, even if it would be the optimal experience, is that, aside from probably having to buy another Vita, it’d mean I’d have to buy the games twice as well – I’d going to be picking up the physical releases regardless, and having to rebuy three games again in digital form gets into the ‘ludicrously expensive’ category (as would, you know, buying another Vita just to play Shiny Festa).

I suppose I should really just replace my PSP, though I’m a little loathe to do that in a sense. I suppose I’ve got enough UMD software that having the console redundancy would be somewhat useful. They’ve stopped selling the PSP-3000 in favour of the way-cheaper-but-less-nice E1000 over here, though. Probably still better than my old 1000, though.

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