Mikan Watch #70: Tari Tari

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at August 9, 2012 on 7:43 pm

From… I think it was episode 5? I can’t quite remember – somehow I managed to not watch last weeks episode until this weeks was already available, so it’s all kind of blurred into one.

I can’t really say I have much to say about Tari Tari. It’s a pleasant show. It’s rather less blunt about it’s drama than Kokoro Connect, and comes across as being a little less methodical about it (at least, it doesn’t have characters pretty much pointing out that others are sorting out characters issues in order). Not that I wouldn’t cut Kokoroco some slack on both matters due to it’s rather more supernatural setting, nor that it particular bears any real comparison to Tari Tari beyond a certain amount of tonal similarity, but since I’m short of anything in particular to write about here I’m perfectly happy to clutch at straws.

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