Six Quick Thoughts about Love Live, Episode 4

Posted by DiGiKerot in Love Live! at January 29, 2013 on 10:00 pm

What is it with anime and Alapacas anyway? It seems like the kind of thing someone should set up a wiki for. Either that, or that My Girlfriend is an Alapaca that came out recently is making me think that it’s more common than it actually is.

Anyway, this week on Love Live:

1) Moe Moe Kyun!

Just checking, but yup, still Mio.


Yes, I appreciate that this is a big jump to the end of the episode, which doesn’t mean that nothing of interest happens in between, just nothing specific I feel is worth commenting on.

Anyway, this particular scene from the end of the episode amused me for a few reasons. Mostly, it’s just the way she looks straight into the camera and starts listing off what she perceives as her weak-points – in other words, the things that’re supposed to make the audience feel moe towards her, or the character traits which are actually the positives from the point-of-view of the audience. The real clincher in the scene for me, though, is when she looks down towards the camera – mainly because the facial expression she makes immediately before looking downwards almost – almost – makes it look like she’s only doing it because she’s suddenly realised that’s where the camera is positioned, rather than her shyness getting the better of her. It got an unintentional laugh out of me, anyway.

The other thing which amused me about the scene is that she described herself as short, when at the very least shes taller than Rin and Honoka (who is the person she’s, you know, addressing here).

3) Rins story sure is thin…

Rin: I can’t be an idol ‘cos I’m far too boyish to wear a skirt
Honoka: Hey, d’ya want to dance around wearing a skirt?

Not that I’m complaining about them not spending half the series slowly having each character join on a one-an-episode basis, but Rin’s introductory story and issue here is presented a bit on the lightweight side. I suppose, in a fashion, you could also say the same about Maki if you were only going purely off the evidence in this episode, where she states that she no longer has time for music due to her obligations, only to turn-face and join…that group… on a sixpence. Maki has had the benefit of a fair bunch of character development before hand, though.

That said, I’m sure Rin’s femininity issues are going to come back around eventually.

4) The Nefarious Contact Lens Agenda

I complained about this in regards to Tamako Market, but it’s raising it’s ugly head again here. I suppose the OP should have tipped me off to this happening, but I’m pretty sure that there’s no written rule out there stating that idols can’t wear glasses, dammit.

5) Cutting out the middle man

I’m not the hardcore lesbian fetishist some of you guys clearly are, but this is the pairing, right? I mean, aside from Kotori x Alapaca, clearly the greatest pairing since Nibutani x Dog, obviously.

Poor Hanayo, clearly about to be excised from the relationship she helped form.

6) Nico: Still the Best

She didn’t actually appear much this week, but I’m pretty sure I know why Nico is the best Love Live now – it’s because she actually has some degree of spite. I mean, it’s just some minor degree of internet trolling, but given that pretty much every other character is some variation of The Nicest Most Earnest Person On Earth, it’s great to have someone who, whilst undoubtedly still A Nice Person, is at least a little stroppy about the whole affair.

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