Because There Are Only Two Buildings In Akihabara?

Posted by DiGiKerot in Love Live!, Random Stuff at April 7, 2013 on 3:58 pm

Just because this amused me, more than me having anything particularly interesting to say.

So apparently the thing I do when having been away over the first couple of days of the new anime season, faced with an every increasing number of first episodes that I should really probably check out, is to pull something that’s languished on my shelf for months now to watch instead. I suppose it’s at least the prior season of something that’s restarting this season, but that’s not exactly helping the situation.

In any case, when watching OreImo, I couldn’t help but be amused by the establishing shot they used for Kirino’s first visit to Akihabara in the shows second episode.

Largely because it’s a shot of exactly the same Gamers store that is used every time the characters in Love Live venture into the town in that show. It’s mostly just amusing as someone who is lacking at least part of the context for this – I’ve not someone who (as of yet) has ventured to Japan, let alone Akiba, but I’m going to have to presume it’s near one of the train station exits or something.

Which makes the context of it’s usage in Love Live perhaps a little peculiar, given that their schools supposed proximity to the area suggests that they might not even take public transport in most of the time, but that’s probably not the point. It kind of just makes me wonder what people watching British TV shows make of the fact that our television tends to use shots of The Gherkin as locale establishing shots as opposed to other, more globally well-known structures, these days.

Still, I was doubly amused when the scene moved immediately on to Kirino’s IRL meet taking place at Cure Maid which is, of course, where Kotori was working under the guise of Minalinsky in Love Live.

Of course, the maid uniforms in OreImo are a little… less chaste, or at least shorter of skirt, than those presented in Love Live…

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