Mikan Watch #80: Aikatsu!

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at July 15, 2013 on 9:50 pm

Wait, Passionate Idol Activities and Tangerine Boxes in the same cartoon? What kind of crazy paradise have I stumbled into here?!?

I’m not quite sure exactly when it happened, but at some point over the last couple of months, Aikatsu, a goofy pop idol show produced by Sunrise to promote a goofy pop idol collectors card video arcade game, seems to have firmly embedded itself as the unlikely favourite amongst those on my twitter timeline. It’s maybe hard to discern a particular reason for this in terms of determining a ratio between how much of it is steadily increasing quality, Stockholm syndrome and it continuing through a Spring season which was dominated by a small handful of shows which were mostly more impactful than they necessarily were good.

Well, OK, Stockholm Syndrome is actually grossly unfair a statement – it’s not like the show hasn’t proven itself to be constantly at the very least entertaining, but sometimes it’s more satisfying to watch a show which maintains a certain level of consistency over a long period than it is to watch something that hit’s incredible highs but is incredibly short, if you get what I mean? There’s a lot to be said for something that’s reliable in what it delivers.

That’s assuming you don’t fall into the trap of continuing to watch some kind of boys-comic claptrap what goes on long, long after the material has fallen off a cliff in the futile hope it may regain it’s quality at some point. Not naming any names, of course.

Of course, I absolutely wouldn’t suggest that Aikatsu’s popularity has any relation to how easy it makes it to ship the characters, oh no.

For my part, I’ve been satisfying my appetite for double-artificial idol music by picking up the CDs as they come out – well, aside from Siginalize, which I’ve somehow repeatedly forgotten to buy. I’ve not got the two most recent CDs either, but those are bundled in with next weeks release of the all-important Precure All-Stars New Stage 2 BD. Funny thing is, my favourite song is probably still Idol Katsudou from way back at the start of the series, though as far as the insert songs go, I guess Take Me Higher, Tristars image song, is pretty popular at the moment.

Well, as pretty popular as a song from Aikatsu can get, anyway.

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