Crossing the Juuden Line…

Posted by DiGiKerot in Random Stuff at January 11, 2014 on 7:45 pm

I don’t want to give the illusion that I’m doing anything as silly as returning to episode blogging, at least not for a show which has “sister” in the title rather than a good word like, say, “idol”. Now, maybe if Studio Pierrot took a break from whatever show I don’t watch that it is they produce these days to make, I dunno, My Younger Sister Might Be A Magical Age-Changing Pop Idol or something, then maybe I’d create a whole new blog just to write about it at great length, because clearly that’d be worth the effort.

Digressions aside, the second episode of ImoCho (or Recently, My (Younger) Sister Is Unusual, for those of us who like English and don’t have to worry about twitter character limits) aired today, and I must confess, I ended up watching it. Purely out of scientific curiosity, you understand, and I just happened to have Crunchyroll streaming an episode of gdgdFairies to the television at the time.

Yeah, I’m probably protesting too much.

Anyway, as you may remember from last week, our heroine with the curiously shaped bonce was being haunted by a ghost/angel/gayngel with a penchant for unsolicited snuggling, as well as having found herself encumbered with a new set of undergarments which leave her in a somewhat toilet-challenged situation.

There’s not much change in that this week, either. She’s still haunted, she once more finds herself groped by a ghost – this time in the bath, though somehow it’s not as graphic as last weeks encounter – and once more she finds herself desperate for the bathroom in uncomfortable circumstances. In this case, however, her half-brother misunderstands why she left PE in the middle of class, and took her to the nurses office instead of the restroom.

Which ultimately led to a rather unfortunate climax where the use of a vase as an impromptu bedpan goes horribly awry. Yeah, the show has crossed the Juuden-line. Still, at least there’s some male nudity in the form of our male protagonist thrown in there this week as well, for the approximately zero members of the target audience who were asking for that attempt at service-equalisation.

Otherwise, at risk of sounding like I have some investment in the shows narrative, they did at least provide a bit of background as to what is going on here. Miss Ghost reveals that she has no memories other than the fact that she was in madly love with our male protagonist (for some reason), and that she was run over by a truck. Also, apparently her hauntee (as in, the titular younger sister Mitsuki) has to make out with her brother else she will die. Turns out that chastity belt is tied to Miss Ghost being permitted into heaven, her advancement being tied to the lock filling up with water whenever Mitsuki performs acts of “love” with her semi-sibling (which is, yeah, reeeeeeeal subtle).

Although this does call into question how accurate Miss Ghosts grasp on the situation actually is, given that, you know, the point at which the lock filled up somewhat in the first episode was when she’d amorously attached herself to Mitsuki in a situation which, you know, didn’t involve the brother at all.

Or sausages in general. Just saying.

On a final note, our heroines noggin actually looks somewhat reasonably well-formed when she has her hair back. She’d probably have an atomic-bomb-level Deko-Beam if she’d pulled her bangs back…

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