Mikan Watch #95: Nisekoi:

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at June 14, 2015 on 4:26 pm

From episode 8 of Nisekoi: (That is, the second series, or Nisekolon, if you will. Or maybe won’t), the magical girl episode. I would have said token magical girl episode, but, honestly, idols are feeling way more token than the magical girl fare these days.

Anyway, token post, I guess – I’m not dead, I’ve just been somewhat busy recently. I really should probably get around to writing about the rest of Cinderella Girls before the show starts back up in a few weeks, even if only in brief. Although “really should” doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to find time to do so – there’s an awful lot of E3 to be watching this week…

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