Mikan Watch #104: Mr. Osomatsu

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at March 25, 2016 on 9:08 pm

Seen here in it’s traditional guise as a container for moving domicile, from the penultimate episode (for now, at least) of Mr. Osomatsu (or Osomatsu-san, if you are so inclined).

That said, after starving me for twenty-three episodes, the show dropped not just one…

…or two…

…but even a third possible within the same segment. It makes the whole endeavor worth while.

As does, you know, the fact that the show is actually super-entertaining, at least on average, assuming you like shows where a lot of the humour comes from the fact that everyone is constantly being a jerk (and, as a Brit, that pretty much second nature). Well, aside from that somewhat spectacular first episode. Shame is absolutely doesn’t exist anymore, isn’t it?

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