Merry Christmas 2017

Posted by DiGiKerot in Free Talk at December 25, 2017 on 1:10 am

One of these days, I’ll actually make some consideration as towards what I want to post here on Christmas and not just cack-hand an illustration at the last minute on Christmas Eve. You know, actually do something that I’m happy with. Not this year, though. More important matters to attend to.

Anyway, I keep saying this, but I should really probably make a point of writing more here in the next year. I should, at least, actually make a start on my end of year post for this year. Well, maybe tomorrow I should, anyway.

I will, at minimum, make a point of posting something about Stella Stage in the next week or two. I’ve been playing it, though it’s been vying with Xenoblade 2 for my attention alongside everything else I needed to get done in the last week. It’s good. It’s certainly better than Platinum Stars was, though given that was even more content-lite than pre-patch OfA, that’s not particularly a high hurdle to leap. Whilst I’d probably still put both the PS3 games ahead of it – I prefer the game format of iM@S1/2 to the more free-form games like this, and it’s hard to top OfA on the proviso that you drop the cash on all the story DLC – Stella Stage at least has the kind of structure and progression to it that Platinum Stars was sorely lacking.

But, anyway, Merry Christmas to you all, and I hope 2018 sees you better than 2017 did.

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