Mikan Watch #126: Tesagure! Bukatsumono

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at December 7, 2019 on 9:47 pm

From episode 5 of Tesagure! Bakatsumono, which I somehow missed when I originally watched it despite it being in plain sight, so thanks Elliot of, err, three years ago?

Anyway, Tesagure (which is probably best known for it’s OP that has lyrics that describe the stereotypical OP cuts it uses as they appear on screen) is one of those semi-improv shows that were all the rage (well, slightly the rage) a few years back, no doubt thanks to the emergence of cheap animation tools like MikuMikuDance, where the characters just end chatting nonsense about a bunch of random topics. In this particular episode, they discuss uniforms that somehow cup huge boobs, and cycling comics. I kind of feel that the demand for this kind of thing has probably been somewhat subsumed into the whole vtuber thing, though to be fair, it’s not like the entire medium of anime hadn’t peaked with gdgdFairies already anyway.

(Though Tesagure is one of the better examples of such a thing if you are in the mood for it, weird third series possibly aside)

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