Mikan Watch #128: Nichijou

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at December 9, 2019 on 7:07 pm

From episode 12 of Nichijou. Technically it’s on a poster for the Go-Soccer Club, but it counts regardless, OK?

I still kind of struggle to say much on the subject of KyoAni, given the years events, honestly. That said, on the subject of Arawi Keiichi, I have been keeping up with the English publication of their other comic, City. Do you like Nichijou but wish the main characters were of college age? Well, do I have a comic for you!

I mean, I say that, but really, if you know Nichijou, you probably know the drill – absurdist sketch comedy that jumps between a variety of characters whose lives only occasionally intersect, frequently using similar patterns and formats for particular characters scenes but escalating wildly in weird fashions. There’s nothing quite so out there in terms of characters in this one as Hakase and Nano, but the humour is equally as outlandish.

I guess this just sounds like half of all sketch comedies in existence, now that I think about it. To a degree, it reminds me an awful lot of the kind of sketch comedy that was running on the Beeb maybe 15 years ago, which is partially funny given that I didn’t really watch a whole lot of those, but that’s probably a conversation for another time (that I won’t get around to). Anyway, though, City pretty much shares a cadence with Nichijou when it comes to it’s humour, so if you hated that, you’ll probably hate City as well.

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