My-ZHiME and Zwei Movie Edits

Posted by DiGiKerot in HiME at February 24, 2008 on 11:28 pm

I’m quite sure that there are worse ways to spend your time then watching the My-ZHiME movie edit.

For example, you could watch the original version of Gundam Seed Destinys final episode through four times in a row. You could, perhaps, pay someone to stand there and kick you in the crotch for an hour and a half. You could also sit and stare at a wall for a while, although if it has recently received a fresh lick of paint it may actually prove itself to be more worthwhile.

Really, though, it’s pretty much what you’d expect from a twenty-six episode series sliced down into a mere hundred minute feature – it’s simply an incoherent mess. The whole of the shows first episode fits into just over three minutes, whilst the next five episodes take up the about the same amount of time (and most of that is taken up with tentacle shots from the poolside episode). The rest, whilst less compressed, proves just as hard to follow, jumping illogically from cut to cut.

Given that the above makes it pretty much a pointless experience for new comers, I really have to wonder who they expected this to appeal to. Existing fans are likely to find this even more frustrating an experience – the audio has received a nice, new 5.1 remix, but it’s wasted on scenes where it’s practically pointless. Pretty much all of the scenes where it’d make a discernible difference – things like the fight scene between Nina and Arika in the third episode, or the last two episodes, are cut so short that it’s entirely wasted.

There’s no new content to speak of, aside from a mix of Otome wa DO MY BEST Desho? I can’t remember having heard previously being used over the ending credits.

The My-ZHiME Zwei movie rehash fairs far better, which isn’t exactly surprising given the difference in running lengths isn’t so massively disparate. You do lose content from most episodes, with the second and third episodes proving the worst hit (with about a third of each dropped – including Tomoes cameo from the second, and most of the bathing scenes from the third), but with a lot of the chaff removed those who didn’t like the full OAVs may find this a little more palatable, though I guess as a work which exists pretty much solely as series fanservice, it’ll kind of render it pointless for others. As some who enjoyed Zwei, and enjoyed this movie, I’m not really in much of a position to guess how other’s will take it.

They’ve actually added around four minutes of new footage to the end, with ribbon-loli taking to Natsuki (who is attempting to play golf, and is doing so badly). It’s quite amusing, particularly because Nao turns up to wind Natsuki up.

I bought the Dream Box thingy, rather than the movies separately, so I also got the ZHiME Fandisk, but I’ve not actually looked at that ^^;

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