Mikan Watch #15: Persona 4

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at January 3, 2009 on 10:10 pm

Yes, I realise the last couple of Mikan Watch posts have both been game related, but I’ve not fallen to the gaming Borg or anything (at least not any more than usual) – it’s just that anime has been failing me in this regard recently.

Anyway, that picture above is from the Dojima residence, though the two boxes on display in the room are underneath the cameras usual location when you are in the living area, so they aren’t typically entirely visible. I did notice them fairly early on in the game, but I’ve been waiting to get a decent shot of them before I took a picture.

As for where I am in the game, those playing will be able to ascertain that from the image above. I’m actually about a half-month ahead of that now, and things seem to be approaching the end game. Not sure I’ll get much of the game played through the next week, but I’ll probably be able to get the game finished off next weekend. Good game.

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