New iM@S game to be announced?

Posted by DiGiKerot in Gaming, idolmaster at May 21, 2009 on 7:28 am

It looks like Bandai Namco are gearing up to announce a new iDOLM@STER game next week.

Well, I say that, but that page does seem to confirm that an actual sequel, rather than yet another rehash of the same materials, is in production, but they may not release many details on that until the fifth anniversary next summer. Bummer.

Which kind of makes this non-news, really. I do wonder if the “Next Game Project” mentioned towards the bottom of the page will actually turn out to be something different to the sequel, though – it seems like kind of a long period for them not to be doing anything in the game-space release wise for the series, and it seems to me that they haven’t milked SPs new characters for all they’re worth yet. I wouldn’t be astonished if they actually announced a PS3 version of the game or something.

Or, of course, I could just be completely misreading the page – it’s not like I actually read moonspeak to any degree of competency.

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