The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi DVD 5.285714

Posted by DiGiKerot in Haruhi, R2(J) DVDs at November 22, 2009 on 9:02 pm

I’m going to have to open this one with a disclaimer – I’ve not actually got around to watching this DVD yet. It’s a net result of me spending far too much time playing video games and way too little time watching cartoons as of late. I must work to rectify this.

Still, it’s not like it particularly matters much in regards to what I’d be writing here anyway – by this point, I hope it’s abundantly clear that the on-disk content for these Haruhi release will continue to do little but iterate upon the previous volumes. It’s the same thing every month, only with the numbers incremented. They’re essentially the same – quite literally at the moment, given that the release is presently neck-deep in Endless Eight (absolutely not the reason why I’ve yet to watch this – Honest!)

So this post is really just another update in the battle between the heroic Collector and the evil forces of Chairman Kadokawa…

And that blasted Kadokawa is victorious once more! Alas, once again, no film strip nor extra coaster.

Still, this months volume (well, last months, the next disk being out on Friday, which is what has lit the fire under my arse required for me to write this) also came with a clear file – that thing you can see in the upper-center of the image. Kind of amusing that, with this and the previous volume, they’ve resorted to supplying additional physical extras with these Haruhi disks beyond just the randoms. Absolutely nothing to do with them being worried that Endless Eight will cause their sales to under-perform otherwise, I’m sure…

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