Mikan Watch #43: The World God Only Knows

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at December 22, 2010 on 10:15 pm

From episode 12 of The World God Only Knows, the most recent and final episode of the present series, in the pre-OP sequence. At least I think it’s a Mikan box – I watched it on Crunchy, and whilst usually a fine way of watching things, the visual fidelity here wasn’t quite up for my very specific requirements in this case.

I mean, that certainly looks like a “ん” at the end there, and it looks like a picture of an orange, so I’m going to claim it.

But, yeah, The World God Only Knows. It’s an alright show. This most recent episode kind of dragged about ten minutes of material into a full episode, and whilst it was amusing to wonder what kind of galge would have been on the Atari Jaguar (or what on earth a Jag was doing in a Japanese show), it kind of outstayed it’s welcome. Which is kind of endemic of the entire show – the material was decent enough, but for the most part it just didn’t really know where to stop running with it. I think that worked in it’s favour for the episode with the buggy game, which was kind of hilarious in how much it ground it’s repetition into the ground, but for the rest of the show, not so much.

As I say, though, it’s an alright show. There’s certainly worse shows to be wasting time upon, but then there’s certainly better ones as well. Then again, I kind of like Angel Beats (though I like the music more than the show itself), and given how opinion of that seems to have taken a massive turn to the negative recently, I guess my opinion is not to be trusted.

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