Random Wafflage: In Case You Were Wondering Edition…

Posted by DiGiKerot in Free Talk at April 25, 2012 on 6:18 pm

You may not have failed to notice that I haven’t exactly been updating on my usual regular basis. Or you may not have noticed anything, because whatever you use to figure out that I have posted some kind of update hasn’t triggered itself – it’s not like I actually expect anyone to be proactive in checking for updates or anything. In any case, what I mean to say is, I haven’t updated in the last week or so.

So… yeah, turns out I did myself something of a back injury. Nothing particularly serious that I shouldn’t recover from in short-ish order, but does in the short term require the consumption of pain-throttling medication. As a result, I spent part of last week slipping between drug and/or pain induced delirium, and watching the Australian Denno Coil DVDs I picked up a couple of weekends ago.

More significantly, whilst I’m now at the point where I can (mostly) go about my normal business, maintaining a drawing position for a prolonged period of time is, shall we say, an undesirably uncomfortable situation. So I’m going to take a few weeks off from the whole comicking thing. I’ve a few things to do in the coming weeks that it would have been awkward to arrange continuity of comics around anyway, so the timing is curiously convenient in a sense.

I suppose this does mean that I should actually, you know, start writing on this blog some to make up for the lack of other content, or something equally crazy. Maybe.

(On the subject of Denno Coil, I’d give that show an A. The first half of the series is totally A+++ stuff, but the second half is merely B+ quality. It’s all good stuff, but I feel the marginalization of a number of characters and the lack of the first halfs playfulness in the shows tail-end does it something of a disservice. Still absolutely worth seeing, though).

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