About The iM@S Special Episode PV…

Posted by DiGiKerot in idolmaster at April 30, 2012 on 6:14 pm

They posted the 15 second PV for the home-release-exclusive iM@S episode, to be included in the ninth and final volume of the show, onto the internet yesterday, which you can be seeing here, should you be curious.

I have to admit being a little disappointed in it – it was probably misguided, but I’d rather been hoping the last episode may have been Kotori-centric, perhaps revolving around her Yuri-goggled-fueled delusions as portrayed on the animation CDs drama tracks. Alas, as it turns out, even Producer-san makes more of an appearance in the episodes PV – if you squint at least – than Kotori. Who appears not at all.

Isn’t it sad, Kotori?

Well, OK, being that she was pretty much one of only two characters who appeared in every episode of the series, it’s not like Kotori isn’t going to appear at all, and it does have Ritsuko looking all suitably flustered in her usual tsukkomi fashion, so I guess I’ll have to forgive it for now.

In other iM@S related news, it looks like the rumoured iM@S Pachinko machine is going to be announced next week, unless that promotional website is being incredibly deceptive. Not that it’s going to do those of us outside of Japan much good, but knowing how these things normally go, it’ll probably have a ludicrously high budget and be full of original content that’ll never be seen anywhere else ever again.

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