Mikan Watch #72: Space Brothers

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at September 25, 2012 on 7:08 pm

From episode 12 of Space Brothers, though it actually appears in the next episode preview at the end of the 11th episode as well if I remember correctly – It’s been a while since I saw it.

Which is kind of problem when it comes to writing anything at length regarding this. Had I bothered to post it at the time I watched the episode, I could have thrown out some random speculation about, I dunno, how eating the space food first rather than the food likely to spoil during the incarceration test may have bitten them in the buttocks later on. Of course, at this point, I know that it was, infact, Serikas insatiable appetite as opposed to a box of mouldy tangerines that resulted in them running low in food. Ho-hum.

I should catch up on Space Brothers. I think I’m about three weeks behind at this point…

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