So It Appears the US Xenoglossia Release Is Out…

Posted by DiGiKerot in idolmaster at October 8, 2012 on 7:19 pm

Or at least it seems that the first half is in the wild now – shipping notices received and all that. I assume that those few in the US to whom this is of any interest will have probably gotten it already, though obviously being outside of the territory it takes somewhat longer for me to receive such things.

Anyway, this was mainly just a public service announcement more than anything, given I’ve written far too much on the subject of Xenoglossia in the past – probably more than I’ve written about the rather spectacular “proper” iM@S adaptation of recent times, whose staff were showered with awards at the Newtype Awards this weekend gone. This Xenoglossia release is pretty interesting because it’s likely to be the best English translation of the show that has been available, and perhaps more importantly, looks to be the only time that certain supplementary material is going to be available in English.

Of course, I’m not sure when I’m actually going to get to watch my copy – Scotland Loves Anime looms this weekend, and even if it turns up before I head off to Glasgow, I’m not lugging a device with a DVD player up to Scotland with me ^^;

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