Girls und Spam OAV2

Posted by DiGiKerot in Random Stuff at February 27, 2013 on 10:56 pm

I have to admit, had I not been informed about this beforehand, this really isn’t the kind of reference I would have expected to see in the new Girls und Panzer OAV…

That’s a reference to the whole Monty Python “Spam with Everything” sketch, by the way, and just like the original, it’s utterly bizarre. What does kind of doubly amuse me about it is that they censor every utterance of the word “Spam” during the scene, in the usual fashion that Japanese media pussyfoots around actual product names. What’s a little peculiar in that context is the following scene, though.

I mean, isn’t Tootsie Roll a brand name as well? They didn’t modify that in any way, for whatever reason. Maybe I’m just missing some kind of spelling subtlety here – I mean, whilst Maybona isn’t a real brand, Meybona certainly is a German confectionery company.

Although getting back to the subject of Spam, I guess it’s something they do actually sell in Japan – It came up in the iDOLM@STER Live Action Gero-Gero Kitchen as well, making it rather less random than Noeins Yorkie Bar cameo. The popularity of Monty Python in Japan, however, I don’t have much idea about – there is, at least, a Japanese-subtitled version of the Spam sketch floating around on Youtube.

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