The One Thing Which Really Bugs Me About Vividred…

Posted by DiGiKerot in Random Stuff at March 3, 2013 on 9:18 pm

…Isn’t the hardburned subtitles or the permanent ident which are present on the Crunchyroll presentation of the show, though on the off-chance that someone from Aniplex is reading – if you’re going to insist on slapping your company logo (way larger than most TV channel idents, might I add) on foreign streams of your shows, than can I mention how terrible in terms of placement the bottom-right of the screen is? All what happens is that audiences attention is drawn to it by the frequent appearance of pert schoolgirl buttocks subtitles along the bottom of the screen.

Anyway, the thing which really kind of bugs me about the show is Rei’s scarf. I mean, not the fact that she wears a scarf or anything – scarves are cool, even when they aren’t amazingly heroic-looking red ones billowing awesomely in the wind – but the fact that it’s drawn in a fashion that doesn’t make any sense. I look at the thing and see something akin to a really stupid Professor Layton puzzle, where the aim is to mentally trace a line connecting the two ends of the scarf together, but I simply can’t do it. I can’t mentally parse it. It makes no sense to me. It’s something I find way more distracting than any absurd degree of male gaze on display in the show.

Clearly, I am just stupid, or am at least missing something really obvious. If anyone has an answer for this on, please let me know.

Whilst I’m writing about Vividred, I will say that the production staff can’t fool me – I’ve seen plentiful quantities of old Toho monster movies, and this is clearly a bizarro-update of Mothra that the girls are fighting here. The cocoon has simply been moved away from Tokyo Tower for plot-reasons relating to the fact that they needed a taller building to avoid the N2 Mine Nuke SGE Bomb causing too much damage to the surrounding area.

What I’m trying to explain here is that, in reality, it’s not the SGE Bomb exploding that caused the Alone to be defeated, it’s that Aoi crushed two poor, adorable, tiny-little twin girls under the weight of her rocket-powered hammer whilst smashing that SGE Bomb into Mothra. Truly, she is the real monster here.

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