Mikan Watch #87: Space Dandy

Posted by DiGiKerot in Miracle Train at February 26, 2014 on 9:56 pm

In the bottom-left corner of this scene in episode seven of Space Dandy, AKA the episode which is not a little like the movie Redline. It doesn’t actually say Mikan on it, but hey, there’s clearly an orange on it, so I’ll claim it.

I have astonishingly little to say about Space Dandy. I, on aggregate, enjoy it. It’s a little difficult to know what you are going to be getting into every week, not just on and episode by episode basis, but on a half-by-half one – that’s particularly the case with the eighth episode, where the show presents a particularly hard tonal shift between the A and B parts. The unpredictability of the tone and content of the show is one of the things I like about it, but I do sometimes wonder if throwing up a different title card at the midway point, forcing an effective tonal-reset by suggesting the start of a different story, would have relieved some of the complaints leveled at the show on occasion.

Also, Bea has the best shaped head.

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