Random Wafflage: Drowning in a Hole Edition

Posted by DiGiKerot in Free Talk at March 30, 2014 on 11:55 pm

This is the point where I realise, point out, and apologise for that fact that I’ve not updated in a smidgen over a month now. I’ve done what I was fearing might happen, and fallen into that KanColle hole for some inexplicable reason – I mean, I’m not really engaging with it in much beyond the core game. I’m not reading any of the fan comics, and even as far as the ingame content goes, I’m mostly just scanning the translated character dialogue for the particularly cute shipgirls on the Wikia. I figure it’ll lead to less disappointment when the anime inevitably doesn’t capture the characters personality in the same fashion as [insert fanwork-or-tie-in-manga here].

Well, it probably doesn’t help that it’s the off-season for events at the moment, though I probably should have written up that Yasuhiro Yoshiura QA I went to last month somewhere other than NeoGaf. Mostly, though, KanColle is just consuming the time that I’d normally be using to watch movies or one-offs that I might actually write about – it’s not like I haven’t been watching TV anime recently or anything, but nothing has really stuck me as being worth writing about, and I’ve not been picking up anything else with the specific purpose of putting fingers-to-keyboard about it.

WUG I’ll write a short wrap-up post about in the coming days, most probably, but otherwise… yeah, there’s a bunch of stuff I’ve watched but have absolutely nothing to say about. I really liked Kill la Kill, but I have a little trouble verbalizing what it is precisely I like about that show to a degree beyond “Sure is a cartoon-ass cartoon”. Ditto Witchcraft Works to some degree, though in that case, I just like the somewhat off-kilter tone and humour, which isn’t exactly uncommon to Mizushima’s other works. I suppose Zvezda is, actually, one of the more interesting things that has just wrapped up, in so much as it’s a lot like a Tomino show in the way it just throws you into the proceedings with absolutely no-damns as to whether or not you actually get it’s setting, though it’s not anywhere near as rambling or incoherent in terms of actual episode content, even if it does get weird. Super Sonico was… well, I’d like to say that it’s really not what I expected from the show, but I honestly had absolutely no idea what I was expecting out of it in the first place. It was probably a lot better than it should have been, in any case.

Also, Build Fighters is still the best thing.

Otherwise, I’ve kind of just been following a bunch of shows like Saki, or Pilots Love Song, or Engaged to the Unidentified, which are cute and all, but have either been running so long, or are so rote in terms of content, that they don’t really elicit any particular further discussion.

As for the new season stuff I’m looking forward to, well, there’s new Love Live, obviously. I’m going to at least endeavour to write about that on a weekly basis again (no promises). Otherwise, I’m going to have to admit that I’ve not been looking that closely at what is coming. I guess that, as someone who has enjoyed what prior Yuasa works I have seen, and really enjoyed the live-action version from a number of years back, I’m looking forward to Ping Pong. Maybe Knights of Sidonia – I do read the manga (though I’m a couple of volumes behind actually reading my US prints right now) – if the CG isn’t too offputting, though the whole Netflix deal calls its immediate availability into question. There’s obviously Puchimas and Jojo as well. I should consider the Atelier anime as well, but I’ve yet to crack into any of the Dusk sub-series, so I’m a little worried about getting ahead of myself there. Otherwise I don’t really have a clue, so I’ll just see what Crunchy picks up and give an episode of everything a shot.

(Also, the change to BST totally screws up my daily KanColle schedule hahahaha I hate myself for thinking that way)

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