Mikan Watch #92: Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at October 22, 2014 on 9:06 pm

First spot of the season, from Gugure! Kokkuri-san, the gag-comedy about a fox spirit who elects to haunt an incredibly dead-pan little girl. It’s where we first meet the more-than-a-little-skeezy dog spirit Inugami.

The show is OK, I guess. I hadn’t intended to watch it until I caught wind of a tangerine-tinged lead, but given I like a spot of dry humour every now and again, the relatively flat delivery the show presents quite often isn’t far from my cup of tea. It could probably do with something of a higher gag concentration, though. Maybe I’ll keep up with it, and maybe I won’t – I’m feeling a little time-strapped as of late.

In other matters, whoops, another whole month between updates. As always, it’s entirely unintentional, I’ve been watching a lot of cartoons, but I’ve had nothing I’ve really felt the requirement (or the burning passion) to write about.

This is even counting the last two weekends of Scotland Loves Anime action, I suppose. I went to both weekends, as usual, but neglected to write anything about any of the offerings this time around because, well, aside from K and Giovanni’s Island, there was nothing particularly hard to see or get ahold of amongst this years offerings. Not that I generally think that this was a problem with the festival or anything, and Appleseed aside, the overall quality was fine, it’s more there’s not much to be done when most of the anime movies released in the prior year are things that’d only draw a small, nerdy audience. This doesn’t mean that I’m in a rush to waste my cartoon-watching time spilling a few hundred words over things that’ve been covered to death better elsewhere already, though. K wasn’t really particularly worth commenting on either, being that it basically just feels like three episodes of the TV show stapled together into something to bridge the series to whatever the new project they’ve just announced in the last week is. It’s really nothing substantial feeling in and of itself.

Giovanni, well, I have thoughts about it, but it’s…somewhat tough to properly express. There’s a lot I like about that movie, and there’s some things I’m less keen on in a fashion that’s tough for me to articulate, particularly given there is quite a bit of overlap there with the stuff I do like… Well, maybe I’ll get around to it at some point (probably when the BD comes out at the end of the year at this rate!)

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