Mikan Watch #94: Kantai Collection

Posted by DiGiKerot in Kantai Collection, Mikan Watch at January 28, 2015 on 8:18 pm

From episode 4 of Kantai Collection, we have Naka-chan standing ontop of a Mikan box, challenging Kongou to an idol throwdown. This is it – anime has clearly peaked. I may as well stop watching cartoons, like, right this minute.


The rest of the episode is maybe something to write about another time, but the vaguely interesting thing about the actual box here is that it’s a little vintage – aside from the fact that it’s wooden, the more astute may notice that it’s actually upside. Of course, if you rotate it the correct way upwards, you’ll also note that the katakana are written right-to-left, instead of the usual left-to-right – the Japanese manner of writing was reformed post-World War 2, so this is another one of those peculiar vintage details the show occasionally likes to adhere to.

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