Mikan Watch #118: Jewelpet Sunshine

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at April 28, 2019 on 9:27 am

From whichever episode of Jewelpet Sunshine I was watching the other day, used to prop up the Go table being used here by the pink Dolphin and a dragon. If you’re only vaguely aware of Sanrio’s larger Jewelpet franchise, there’s a good chance that Sunshine is the particular instalment you are aware of, mostly thanks to it’s recreation of a famous scene from Flashdance in it’s 21st episode, though it’s also a show that somehow managed to clear the music rights for Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing and even a Beatles track (and Ai o Torimodose, but that maybe isn’t quite so shocking).

Anyway, that I’m posting about this as opposed to, say, the Mikan box in that foxgirl show that I’ve totally been made aware of is largely indicative of the fact that I’ve kind of been watching sod-all this season so far outside of a couple of first episodes and Sarazanmai. I should probably catch up with Hitoribocchi or something at some point, but I have at least been using the time to endeavour to catch-up on some of the older shows I’ve been meaning to get around to, even if most of those do largely fall into the category of “Nonsense Kids Shows” (which, admittedly, is the best kind of anime).

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