Mikan Watch #124: Ninja Hattori

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at December 5, 2019 on 10:21 pm

From episode 9 of Ninja Hattori. If you are wondering how I even spotted that there’s a Mikan Box in this one, well…

…Netflix kind of did my job for me here.

This is apparently the fifth series of Ninja Hattori, and is one of those weird things that kind of just shows up on Netflix or Amazon Prime occasionally. The actual particularly odd thing about this is that, whilst it’s dubbed into English, it was a dub produced for broadcast in India. I’m sure there’s probably many such things that never see the light of day outside the region, but to watch it as someone from the UK, it’s a pretty weird experience as, whilst it’s totally recognisable as totally coherent English, everything has a cadence and tempo which ends up lending it something of a peculiar cadence. I can’t particularly say it’s worth watching a ton of the show in bulk – as kids anime, it’s pretty middle-of-the-road, particularly compared to some of the more outlandish stuff from recent years – but it’s maybe worth catching an episode to experience the dub.

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