Mikan Watch #123: Manabi Straight!

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at December 4, 2019 on 8:53 pm

From the second episode of Manabi Straight, as show that I finally got around to starting to watch earlier in the year and… errr, kind of still need to get around to watching the last few episodes of. Stuff happens, I guess.

Death by Mikan Box

Anyway, Manabi Straight, a show that spawned the Manabi Line meme, the theoretical number of physical media units a show needs to sell before it starts to make a profit (some 2,899 units). Which, of course, was something of a joke that ended up getting a little misconstrued and taken as being a little too much like actual gospel for a little too long. Some people still seem to try and apply it when looking at current disk media sales, which is pretty funny given the current media landscape where sales are generally down and, you know, streaming being a thing (yes, even in Japan).

Still, fun show. I should get around to watching the rest of it on one of my days off next week.

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