Mikan Watch #132: Dennou Coil

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at December 13, 2019 on 11:17 pm

From episode 4 of Dennou Coil, this is one of those ones where literally the only note I had was “Huh, there’s a Mikan Box in Dennou Coil”. Not very useful, Past Me. That being said, it ended up being in exactly the episode I thought it was – the one where Isako and the boys fight it out in the school. Figured it’d be that one just because I remember there being a lot of boxes in it – which there were – but it ended up being in a completely different context to what I expected. Funny how things work out sometimes.

Speaking of funny, if completely unrelated to the escapades of Mitsuo Iso (wonder what’s up with the new SF anime he announced 18 months ago), the Konosuba movie played in the UK yesterday. It’s… a Konosuba movie, which is to say that it has an awful lot of really, really funny drawings in it, and some really great background sight gags that you’ll completely miss if you are paying too much attention to the subtitles. It’s not really much bigger in scope than an arc of the TV show (not that I’d particular want it to be), and it continues most of it’s ticks (like the sudden cuts to eyecatch title cards). I’d peg it at being maybe 85% hilarious, but that other 15% is pretty dicey – it kinda oversteps some personal lines in terms of the humour in spots (I could have done without the transphobic jokes surrounding the villain, regardless of how brief they are, honestly).

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