Mikan Watch #140: Yozakura Quartet

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at December 22, 2019 on 11:08 am

From the manga version of Yozakura Quartet. I can’t remember the specific volume, but it’s from during the fight against Zakuro if you are familiar with the series. It’s the chapters which were adapted into those particularly spectacular Hoshi no Umi OAVs before Ryo-Timo went back and also made a good version of the opening chapters of the manga.

This didn’t make the anime version, coincidentally, but given the quality of those OAVs, I’ll give them a pass on it.

The manga version of Yozakura is in wrap-up mode at the moment, coincidentally. Might have actually wrapped up in Japan already, honestly – I think the English prints of the manga are only a volume or two off the ending, anyway. As a comic, it’s trashy as heck, but it’s trash I enjoy, so whatever.

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