Zaregoto Anime Project Announced

Posted by DiGiKerot in Random Stuff at May 6, 2016 on 10:16 am

Apparently, they announced an anime project based around Nisioisins Zaregoto novel cycle. It’s apparent existence is about all they announced – it’s maybe a little wishful thinking to think this might be what Tatsuya Oishi is working on now that the end is presumably insight on the long road to Kizumonogatari, so let’s not think that for now.

I’m not sure if this is a win or not…

Posted by DiGiKerot in R2(J) DVDs, Random Stuff at September 29, 2015 on 9:24 pm

I mean, it’s a perfectly nice image of Diana – the beginning of an effects shot even – but then some jerk goes and gets a nice frame of Akko and Lotte and I start pondering my lack of luck with these random pack-in things.

But, hey, I didn’t even realise this was coming with a genga until yesterday morning, so I probably shouldn’t complain, and at least it’s not Candle Tier.

The Token End of Year Post 2014

Posted by DiGiKerot in Free Talk, idolmaster, Random Stuff, Wake Up Girls! at January 4, 2015 on 11:14 pm

2014 was a year in which the country of Japan continued to exist, and continued to invest in the production of cartoons. Some of them were made available outside Japan, and occasionally – just occasionally – I watched some of them.

The following is a collection of nonsense words about some of those cartoons I watched. Not necessarily the best ones I watched, or even necessarily good ones, but most certainly ones I watched. Also maybe some I didn’t in passing.

Speaking of things I didn’t actually watch, keeping up the usual tradition, I’ve still not got around to watching Gundam Unicorn, though I guess I’ve now got the entire series sitting around on Blu-Ray. I also didn’t get around to watching the new episode of Code Geass:Akito the Exiled, but that’s mostly a result of it not actually existing yet.

I should probably also point out that, for the first time in years, I didn’t watch either of this last years Precure movies. I guess that’s what DokiDoki will do for you, but it did rather give me a gap in terms of things to write about this year.

Crossing the Juuden Line…

Posted by DiGiKerot in Random Stuff at January 11, 2014 on 7:45 pm

I don’t want to give the illusion that I’m doing anything as silly as returning to episode blogging, at least not for a show which has “sister” in the title rather than a good word like, say, “idol”. Now, maybe if Studio Pierrot took a break from whatever show I don’t watch that it is they produce these days to make, I dunno, My Younger Sister Might Be A Magical Age-Changing Pop Idol or something, then maybe I’d create a whole new blog just to write about it at great length, because clearly that’d be worth the effort.

Digressions aside, the second episode of ImoCho (or Recently, My (Younger) Sister Is Unusual, for those of us who like English and don’t have to worry about twitter character limits) aired today, and I must confess, I ended up watching it. Purely out of scientific curiosity, you understand, and I just happened to have Crunchyroll streaming an episode of gdgdFairies to the television at the time.

Yeah, I’m probably protesting too much.

Recently, My Sister is Unusual…

Posted by DiGiKerot in Random Stuff at January 6, 2014 on 7:52 pm

…and I’m pretty sure it’s something to do with the girls freakishly bulbous head. I mean, seriously, what the heck is going on with it here? I’m not the sort to be all hypocritical and complain about weirdly rendered anatomy (well, OK, I am), but the girl looks darn weird at times. That cancerous growth she calls a forehead must surely be impinging on her mental faculties, causing her to be delusional and confused.