I’m not sure if this is a win or not…

Posted by DiGiKerot in R2(J) DVDs, Random Stuff at September 29, 2015 on 9:24 pm

I mean, it’s a perfectly nice image of Diana – the beginning of an effects shot even – but then some jerk goes and gets a nice frame of Akko and Lotte and I start pondering my lack of luck with these random pack-in things.

But, hey, I didn’t even realise this was coming with a genga until yesterday morning, so I probably shouldn’t complain, and at least it’s not Candle Tier.

Anyway, whilst they don’t seem to have sent out the shipping notices until today, backer rewards from the Little Witch Academia 2 kickstarter started filtering through yesterday, and I got a nice, satisfying box of stuff that I’ve barely had a chance to take a look at. Certainly, I’ve not actually found the time to re-watch the actual main feature, though I gather they’ve made a bunch of animation corrections to it since it made it’s digital debut a few months back.

I did get a chance to watch the Making Of feature that’s on the BD last night, though. It’s interesting, if largely feeling like a somewhat less-broad rehash of the feature accompanying the first Little Witch Academia’s home media release, and it’s an (admittedly much deserved) fluff piece about Yoh Yoshinari’s sheer skill as an animator for much of it.

One of the more interesting things for me, honestly, was less what the feature was deliberately telling us, but more what you could see in frame. The making of feature for the first LWA had Trigger moving into their current offices part way through the feature, leaving their workspace a little spartan. Now, however, their office arguably looks more like a toy warehouse than it necessarily does an animation studio.

Though what is kind of interesting, and probably speaks volumes about the kind of material they produce, is that there’s more Marvel on display than necessarily Moe. Seeing Iron Man and Captain America all over the place probably puts that guy sitting at the back of the class playing with off-brand Hulk at the very beginning of the first episode of Kill la Kill into some kind of context.

Not that Panty and Stocking didn’t betray these guys predilections previously, obviously.

(And not that the office is completely bereft of iM@S merch either…)

(And I’m also really not sure what to make of the Peppa Pig illustration on Yoshinari’s desk…)

(Also, most of their office actually looks to be Kamen Rider toys)

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