Mikan Watch #122: Gintama

Posted by DiGiKerot in Mikan Watch at December 3, 2019 on 9:35 pm

I’ve done Gintama before, but this cardboard sleeping bag (or arguably more of a coffin, given the context) is from the shows third run, rather than any of the others I’ve talked about previously.

I end up spending a lot of time working on stuff on the ‘puter at home in my freetime in December, so it’s usually the time of year when I start looking for low-effort things I can half-watch whilst working on other things. Thanks to talk of Hulu having posted a dub of a chunk of the first season of Gintama (which I gather is the third time at least some portion of the show has been dubbed at this point, with completely different casts, and has had some mixed reactions), I ended up going back to some episodes from the last time Gintama was dubbed – the third season episodes that Crunchyroll did.

Gintama is one of those shows that I theoretically like, but I never actually get around to watching any of. It’s also one of those shows where I’m always kind of shocked at exactly how many episodes of it there are. Good show, though I think I’ve maybe only seen forty or so episodes of it at this point, which is something of a drop in the ocean compared to the entire series run. Will I get around to watching more once I run out of easily available dubbed episodes? Probably not, though I probably should, but the nature of the show means you actually need to pay attention if you are relying on the subtitles…

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